Busy Day

Good morning. Have a super Tuesday before Thanksgiving day.

Looks like I will be kind of busy. Richard is bugging me to go through my closet for clothes to take to Salvation Army. That will take a while.

I must call Verizon and check on an old ipad I took to them last week to see if they could find out why it will not boot. That was on Thursday. As yet, I have received no call about it. The laky who helped me promised I'd hear from them the next day. Geez.

And our at&t u-verse keeps dropping. After a few minutes, it restores itself. Guess I'll have to call about that. I don't think it is the router.

This evening, we travel to Greensboro to meet friends for dinner at Salvinos. That will be nice.

Okay, here I go. Take care.

Over and Out!

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