Another Beautiful Day

Good Wednesday morning. Yes, we are going to have another lovely day. The temps will be in the 80s later. So I'll be out early with the dogs.

Speaking of Maggie and Murphy, we took them for checkups at the vets yesterday. Their experience was so nice. We saw a young doctor who is new to us. I had checked online at the animal hospital's site and had asked for her.

Dr. B. got in the floor with Maggie to examine her. As for Mr. Scary-Cat, the doctor examined him while Murphy sat in my lap. Dr. B. asked a lot of questions. The four of us like her. She is a keeper. Hope she stays a long time.

After we arrived home, I walked the dogs. Maggie was her usual happy self. Murphy must have been tuckered out from his ordeal. He was ready to return before we were out of sight of the house. Hopefully, today, he will be all rested and ready.

Wishing you a great day. Take care.

Over and Out!

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