More Visiting and Dinner Out

Good morning, Charlie Brown! Happy Tuesday.

It seems I neglected to post yesterday. Not sure why I forgot. We did have a busy day.

We picked up our friends, Don and Joy, and headed to Burlington way. We stopped at a winery that we had not visited in years, due to the fact that we did not think their wine was any good. I'll not mention the name because we still think their wine is no good.

Afterward, we had a great lunch at Pregos. Wonderful food and service. Really nice. Listed as one of the best restaurants in NC. It's true.

Afterward, on the way home, we stopped at yet another winery. Not very impressive either.

In the evening, Don and Joy came here and we opened presents. So nice. And our house serves good wine. For dinner, we had pizza.

It was a super day.

All right, wishing you a super day today. Take care.

Over and Out!

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