A Dreary Day

Good morning. Mine is not going great, I am afraid.

Our old Jessie is not doing well. As a reminder, she has been living with our friends, Don and Joy, for the past 8 years. At that time, we had Dixie. They were getting into fights; Jess was losing, big time. So our friends offered to take her.

Rich and I have continued to be a part of Jessie's life. I would take her for walks regularly, until she got older. We have always covered her vet bills, etc.

Jessie is having a terrible time walking and is in pain. The laser treatments for her joints may not be working anymore. Her appetite is suddenly gone. Jess is 17 years old. She has had a great life.

This pic is when Rich and I first adopted her from the local animal shelter. She was around 8 months old.

I am truly sad. Jessie has been the nicest dog I have ever known. Loves people; never meets a stranger.

Okay, enough Wishing you a good day. Ours is wet. Take care. Hug you animals.

Over and Out!

Dixie and Jessie

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