Another Day that Went Awry

Good Thursday! Have a tremendous day.

Well, I have a new iPad on the way. Should arrive this Saturday. I spent all morning yesterday trying to get my present one to turn on. Nothing worked. And I tried everything that was suggested on the Internet.

Yes, the battery could be dead. If so, I'd need to take it to a repair place. A new battery cost $100 dollars and the cost of having a tech switch out the old for the new. And if it's not the battery, well, there you are. You have a dead iPad with a new battery.

I have had this iPad for 3 years. I use it constantly; it seldom leaves my side when I am not at this computer. Right now, I am using my iPhone. I like the iPad much better.

Anyway, I have ordered a new one.

Take care.

Over and Out!

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