Warm Weather!

Good morning. This pic of the lake is not recent, but this is how it looks this time of the year. Our temperature today will reach 80. Goodness.

We have a stray dog in the neighborhood. I saw him as I was leaving home on Tuesday. I could not tell if he had a collar or not. Yesterday, as I turned into the road to our home, there he was again. This time, I stopped the car and approached him. He had not collar.

This poor fella was starved, and hurt. He had been attacked at his throat. He came to me. I petted him; such a sweet big face. He would not get into the car. So I drove slowly, and he followed. But before we got home, he tired and stopped, walked to a shady spot, and lay down.

I drove the short distance home, let my own dogs out, then returned with food and water. But of course, the dog was gone. I drove up and down the road but could not see him. Later, before dark, I tried again.

We have notified neighbors to be on the lookout. This poor fella needs help. I am most distressed. He is so sweet.

I truly despise people who do this. They should be shot!

Have a good day. Be kind to your animals.

Over and Out!

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