Out and About!

Good morning! Looks like a nice day is going to happen, weather-wise, here by the lake. The dogs and I may get out for our walks. We'll go fairly early, around 9:30. That would be nice. We shall see.

I will pick up Joy at 11:45 for lunch. Afterwards, we head back to her house to gather Jessie. Today is Jessie's day at the vet's for her laser therapy. She is showing improvement; not having as much pain in those old joints of hers.

Speaking of the vet's, we did fine with Maggie and Murphy yesterday. They are in great health. Murphy was up a little with his weight. I had noticed. I had already cut back on his treats, which are simply his kibble like food. He should drop that pound, nice and slow.

OK. Do have a wonderful day.

Over and Out!

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