Chilly Day!

I remember so well, as a kid, getting up on Saturday morning and watching cartoons. My brother and I loved Mighty Mouse. That was our favorite. Good memories.

The temperature outside is only 33 right now. Yipes! We should see 50 degrees at some point.

Yesterday morning, when I was walking Murphy, we almost got caught in a rainstorm. He and I took our time getting to the other end of our road. Ahead of us, the sky was a sunny blue, along with some white, puffy clouds.

Then, we turned around to start home. Oh, my, the sky in that direction was deadly black. And heading right for us. Poor Murphy, we race-walked and jogged as fast as we could. We honestly made it back seconds before the rain started. I was so thankful. So was Murphy.

Now, go have a terrific Saturday. Take care.

Over and Out!

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