More Sun!

Good morning. We are having a beautiful sunny day here by the lake. I am hoping/planning to walk with the dogs around 10:00, when the temperature should be around 48 degrees.

I did not post yesterday, as you know. Richard and I had an early appointment in Greensboro.

Joy and I will be taking our ole Jessie to the vet's today for her checkup. Hoping that goes well. Jess suffers from arthritis. Her meds aren't working so well now. I don't believe the doctor will advise giving our old lady anything stronger. Her quality of life concerns us. Jess has lived with Don and Joy for the past 8 years. We gave her up for her own safety. She and Dixie, who has been gone for some time, were not getting along.

All right. Do have a great day. Take care.

Over and Out!

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