Makes You Wonder

Good morning. We are having another cool, overcast day here by the lake. The dogs and I will be heading out in just a little while to walk. We are looking forward to it.

Our mailbox is located up the hill and around the corner from our house. It is in the shape and design of a huge bass fish. Well, yesterday morning we discovered that Mr. Bass had been knocked of his pedestal. Ours was the only mailbox vandalized. Of course, we are the only ones with a huge fish for our mailbox. But, it makes me wonder why. Our road is off the beaten path. It's gravel; there is only one way in or out. I guess some kids have discovered our road, and simply could not pass up a chance to do damage. (If I could get my hands on them, perhaps, I would do a bit of damage.)

All right, enough of that. I will be home today. Walking and reading is about all I have on the agenda so far. As I often do, I'll simply play it by ear.

Have a great day. Take care.

Over and Out!

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