Walking a little later, I guess

Good morning. Happy Wednesday.

Maggie is whining for her turn at walking. I am going to wait several minutes before we take off.

The reason is that Murphy and I heard barking from several directions when we started out a little while ago. Murphy was anxious and kept stopping. I got a tad unnerved myself, so we turned back after only five minutes.

In 15 minutes or so, I'll take Maggie out. I think Murphy is done for the day.

The sky is cloudy and overcast here. We may have thunderstorms later.

This evening Rich and I travel to Greensboro to celebrate the birthday of my BIL, Jim, along with his wife, Linda, and another couple. We will dine at The Undercurrent Restaurant. Nice.

All right. Have a great day. Take care.

Over and Out!

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