Sorry, Once Again!

Good Sunday morning. Yes, I did not make it up here to my office yesterday to post. I thought of it later in the afternoon, but I just decided to let my blog go for Saturday.

We have had a great time with our friends, Ray, Melanie, and son, Mike. They are down in my kitchen now finding some breakfast, under Richard's supervision. They will depart sometime today and head for their home in Cary.

Yesterday, the guys fished, of course. Then they drove into Greensboro for lunch. Melanie and I stayed put. We sat in the sun room, chatting about this and that most of the afternoon.

We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Salvinos in the evening.

All righty! I am looking forward to a lazy afternoon on the couch with the dogs.

May your day be wonderful. Take care.

Over and Out!

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