Happy Saturday to Ya!

Good Saturday morning! We are having another nice, cool day here by the lake. I'll be out with the dogs soon.

Today is officially Murphy's birthday. This is the date that appears on his records. Murph is the big 3. I can't begin to express how much we enjoy him.

As a reminder, Murphy had a rough beginning. We are certain he was abused by his previous owner. Murphy ended up at our local animal shelter. They could do nothing with him. He was afraid of everything and everyone.

The kind folks at the shelter called Robin, who owns an animal rescue out of her home. Robin took Murphy, aka Maverick, in and made great process with him. I found our wee man online and that's how he came to live with us for the past 15 months.

So, Happy, Happy, little man. We, including Maggie, would not trade you for the world.

Take care.

Over and Out!

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