Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week has arrived. The temperature outside is a pleasant 70 degrees at the moment. Of course, a high of 90 is on the way.

I am taking a break from exercise today. I think Joy and I have a lunch date. I am waiting to confirm that with her.

I had such a nice visit with my cousin, Colleen, yesterday. We figured up the time, and it's been almost a year since we have seen each other. Shame! She and I are going to do better.

World of Warcraft launches Legion today; it's up and running. I have the expansion already, but I'm not jumping to travel there yet. I still have lots I want to do with the previous one, Draenor. With Legion going live, now I can begin to level up again, from 100 to 110. Nice.

Just heard from Joy; lunch is on. So take care. Have a great day!

Over and Out!

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