A Blissful Sunday!

Happy Sunday, may yours be as a most contented one. I am taking a free day from exercise. The old body needs a break. Gonna do some cooking/baking. And reading, of course.

We had a terrific time at Aunt Shirley's surprise birthday lunch yesterday. I had no idea what was being served, but had no worries; until we got there.

Richard had been informed (without my knowing) that a cookout was in store; that he needed to bring a veggie burger for me. That did not happen. I was not concerned. I could have potato salad and baked beans, and a few chips. I would be fine.

Well, the baked beans contained hamburger, a lot of hamburger. So, I had potato salad and some chips. Then a wee piece of cake. By the time we got back home, I was starving. That goodness for frozen pizza. I was saved!

All right. Seize the day! Take care.

Over and Out!

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