Falling Down!

Good Friday morning. We will have a wet one here by the lake today. Might as well; I'll be staying inside regardless.

Yesterday, while I was returning from walking Maggie, I fell. I do not know just what happened. I was coming down the hill to the lake and our home. One second, I was walking, the next, I was falling. My right side hit the gravel road really hard. I now have a bruised rib.

I lay there, in shock that I had fallen without warning, and just knew my back was ruined. Poor Maggie did not know what to think. She stood over me, licking my head and arm.

Slowly, I got to my feet, and was able to make it home.

Now, this is the amazing part. I am very sore, but my back is really good. As though the fall put it back into place. ??? I am very thankful.

All right. Enjoy your day. Don't fall. Take care.

Over and Out!

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