Wednesday Already!

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Where does the time go? Truly. My world spins so fast.

We are having another lovely day here by the lake. The high temperature should reach 80 today. Wow! The dogs and I are heading out early for our walks. Yesterday, Murphy showed his tiny butt when the time arrived to put on his harness. I refuse to chase him. So, Murphy was left behind, while I took Maggie. The tiny guy is usually first. We could hear his complaints all the way to the top of the hill from the house.

Maggie and I had a great walk. When we returned, Murphy behaved well, so he and I had a wonderful walk as well. May the force be with us when it's time to harness up this morning.

All right. Enough of that. I am gettting a well-needed haircut this afternoon. Looks like I need one.

Ok. Have a super day. Get outside if you can. Hug a friend, buddy, mate, animal; hug yourself.

Take care.

Over and Out!

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