Another Beautiful Day!

Good morning! May your Sunday be blessed and most enjoyable.

Incase you are wondering what that gizmo is behind me, it's a diffuser. I put essential oils and water in it. So there you go.

The dogs and I had a great walk yesterday. Oh, so nice to get out and move. We are planning a repeat today. Yea! Oh, happy day!

I did some cooking/baking yesterday. I wanted to make a dessert, a cookie-brownie combinatiion that would be a more healthy sweet to enjoy at night with a small handful of nuts. So.., I took a whole-wheat peanut butter cookie recipe and added pecans and white chocolate, all organic ingredients. The result was wonderful. I now have a good supply in the freezer.

I also made, what I call, a one-meal casserole: brown rice, vegggies, cheese, and a box of cream of mushrooom soup, all organic. The result was very tastey.

Okay, enough of that. Do have a great day. Take care. Get outside if possible.

Over and Out!

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