Still COLD!

Good morning! It is only 17 degrees outside! Geez! As you can guess, not walking today.

The dogs and I are disappointed, but there is a bright side. Tomorrow, Maggie and Murphy go to stay through the weekend at Best Friends Bed and Biscuit. They will play, play, play!

Richard and I will be attending the Our State Magazine's yearly retreat at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. We love this. Staying at the Groove is such a treat. Our usual wee band of friends will be attending as well. Fun, Fun!

The house is all ready for Tom, our house sitter, to arrive. I bought a ton of food at Earth Fare yesterday. I'm sure Tom will bring along his list of movies to watch. Enjoy, old friend.

Okay, do have a great rest of your week. See you Tuesday. My cataract operation is on Monday.

Over and Out!

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