Another Scare!

Hello and good morning! Have a great Tuesday.

Well, we were having coffee in the sunroom this morning when I spied what I thought was a dog crossing the lake, on the ice. Turns out, it was a coyote. This did not please me. It is the first one I have ever seen, out during the daylight, so close to the house. No, not happy!

Our yard is fenced in, but that doesn't rule out one of these critters from entering, if it really tries.

Of course, Maggie wanted to go after it. When we finally allowed her out, we put the toning collar on her. We stopped Mag from going onto the ice with a stern NO! The collar was not needed, this time.

Murphy is never outside without Maggie, and usually, Richard, as well. I'm just unnerved over this.

All right! Once again, have a lovely day. Stay safe. Watch out for your animals. Take care.

Over and Out!

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