Back from Town!

Hi, folks. Sorry to be so late. I had an early eye doctor's appointment this morning. My right eye is doing great after cataract surgery. No worries. I return to see Dr. Cotter in 2 weeks. That's when I will get at new eye prescription for glasses. Yea!

We had a scare yesterday. I looked out the sunroom window to see Maggie out walking on the frozen lake, which was not that frozen. Mag weighs 45 pounds.

I ran to the backdoor and called for her to come. She did, without breaking through the ice. But she was soaking wet, meaning he had fallen through someplace.

We have never had a dog attempt this. It did not even occur to us that she might try.

I count us as lucky. Richard found the spot where Maggie had broken through. It was near the bank, not very deep. Needless to say, we are nipping that in the bud!

All right. Have a good rest of your day. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!

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