Sorry to be Late!

Good morning! This one has been a little hectic. so far. The refrigerator guy called EARLY and said he was on his way. I had to hustle to be showered and dressed.

Maggie did well. As I have stated, she is suffering from fear aggression. As least, I think I have stated. As soon as the gentleman arrived, I allowed both dogs to go to the front door and see him in his van. Then I grabbed the treat jar and headed for the sunroom, with dogs in tow. I happy-talked to them while feeding them treats. They both stayed very calm and happy. Maggie really seemed to want to go see the repairman. I felt good about the situation. She showed no aggression. Now the three of us are up in my office. Murphy is napping; Maggie is crying abit. She hears the talking downstairs.

My eye continues to improve. I'll be having another easy day.

May your day be to your liking. Take care.

Over and Out!

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