Hello, Again!

Good morning. Good to see you again.

My right eye is doing great after cataract surgery yesterday morning. I already see better without my glasses, although my eye is still foggy. The whole experience was easy-peasy!

We had such a wonderful time in Asheville this past weekend. I love that place, The Grove Park Inn. Such history and grandness.

We heard some fantastic speakers, talking about people and history of North Carolina.

Next year, the retreat will be held in Pinehurst. I am disappointed. Pinehurst is a wonderful area, but there's no place there as grand as the Grove. Nada!

All right. Good to be back home. The dogs had a super time at Bed and Biscuit, but like us, they seemed quite happy to return to the lake, and us.

Take care. Have a super day.

Over and Out!

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