A Free Day!

Good morning to all of you. I hope your Saturday, the last one before Christmas, goes well.

We have nothing on our plate for today. Love it! I am going to do a bit of housework, some yoga, and whatever! Again, love it!

We had such a nice time last evening with our friends, Don and Joy. They arrived here around 4:00 PM. We sat in the sunroom, sipped a glass of wine, and had a lovely visit. Then, it was time to open presents.

I had such a nice surprise. Don has been honing his guitar skills over the past year. I once requested that he learn a song called There is a Time. This song was made famous in one of the old Andy Griffith Show episodes. Click Here to watch the clip if you are interested.

Well, that Don whipped out his guitar and sang the song for me, as one of my Christmas presents. I loved it. I love Don. He got a huge hug from me when he finished. Such great friends.

Afterwards, we headed into the city to dine at Salvino's. We had such a nice time. On our way out the door, the owner's wife handed Joy and me each one of their famous peanut butter pies. So I have dessert for Christmas Day. Sweet.

Okay, time to get moving. Good Saturday to you. Take care.

Over and Over!

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