The Day After!

Good morning. Hope your Thanksgiving Day was super! This is a pic of our grandneice, Anna, and Richard. After lunch, they took a drive around the lake with Anna's dad, David. As you can see, Anna loved taking over the wheel.

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, except for one hitch. Anna and her sister, Katie, have a fear of dogs. We adults thought their meeting Maggie would go a long way in squashing those fears, but I'm afraid things did not go as planned.

When the party of six came through the front door, it caused Maggie to become uneasy. I did not know the signs: bottom down, tail tucked. (I do, now) Maggie barked and growled, scarying the girls. I quickly grabbed Mag's collar and took her outside. We all calmed down, but Maggie and Murpy reamained segregated for the rest of the day.

Maggie was just fine when anyone came outside; she quickly brought them her Fribsee, but we didn't allow her near Anna and Katie, who appeared to quickly get over their fright. Me, not so fast. We learned a valuable lesson, and will take precautions in the future.

All right. Hope your Friday is wonderful. If you are out shopping on this Black Friday, may the gods be with you. Not my thing. I do better, and so would you, shopping online.

Take care. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!

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