Another Lovely Autumn Day!

Happy Tuesday! May yours be wonderful.

Yes, we are having, yet again, a nice day. I do not plan on walking the dogs, however. Instead, Richard and I wil be out with Maggie quite a bit, throwing the Frisbee for her to fetch. She is good! As for Junior, Murphy likes to explore. That's his backyard thing.

I am getting a new smartphone today. My Droid's battery is losing its capability to charge. I realized yesterday that I really had to do something. So I am getting the lastest iphone, my first; the 6s plus. I'm most excited. Hope all goes well with transferring the contacts and photos from the old phone to the new. Hoping by using the cloud method, all will go well.

I did do a bit to Christmas shopping yesterday also. While I wait on the arrival of the phone, I can shop some more.

Do have a super day. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!

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