A Wet Day at Home

Good morning. This pic is of the lake we live on. You can just make out our house in the distance. We love it here. Right now, the autumn colors are beautiful.

Well, my BIL, SIL, Richard, and I packed up Gracie's room yesterday. We all stayed until the job was completed. We don't want to return. We are most sad.

Today, I'll be at home. Richard will meet his brother, Jim, this morning at the funeral home for a private viewing. I don't like viewings. I don't want that image stuck in my mind. Right now, I can remember Gracie the way she was the last time I saw her. That was a couple of weeks ago, when Henrik was here. We all went out for lunch. It was a fun time. That's the image I would like to retain, not a body all made up, laying in a coffin. That's just me.

Tomorrow evening we'll stand in line, shake hands, and make chit-chat for a couple of hours as people file by to view my MIL.

The funeral is Friday morning.

The day is rainy and cold. Fitting. No walks with the dogs, which I really could use. Tomorrow should be ideal.

Okay, have a wonderful Wednesday. Hug your family.

Over and Out!

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