Halloween Month Begins!

Good Thursday Morning. Guess what? No rain yesterday. AND, the dogs and I were able to take our walk. The road was not muddy, which is amazing! I hope to walk again today, but I'm not sure. A light mist is falling, so we shall see.

Henrik is here! Oh, we are so happy to have him with us for a couple of weeks. Last night, we emptied a bottle of wine and caught up with what's been happening with the three of us.

Tomorrow morning, we head to the airport to begin our vacation week. Our buddy, Tom, will be here, housesitting, enjoying the big screen TV and tons of good food. He is a treasure.

All right. Should I not get a post in tomorrow, I will return to blogging again on Sunday, October 11th.

Take care. Hug your pets. Stay dry. See you soon.

Over and Out!

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