A Trip to Burlington!

Oh, my! Someone is needing a haircut. I have an appointment tomorrow. Thank goodness.

Today, I'll walk the dogs again. We are having some wonderful cool mornings here by the lake.

Afterwards, I am taking a short trip to Burlington to return some clothes I ordered that either don't fit, or I don't like. Burlington always brings back memories for me, everytime I go. When I was young, growing up in Saxapahaw, Burlington was the big city. Then, after college, I lived there for several years, before meeting Richard and moving to Greensboro. My parents lived in Burlington the last years of their lives, after selling the old homeplace.

Burlington has grown alot since the old days, of course, but it still has that small city feel about it, at least to me.

All right. Do have a great Thursday. Take care.

Over and Out!

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