Bath Day!

Good Wednesday morning! It's a nice, cool 62 degrees outside. The high temperature should only reach 83. Nice. This I like.

The dogs get their baths today. Lisa will arrive around 11:00 AM with her grooming van. I have medicated shampoo for Murphy that I will ask her to use. Have I mentioned that Murphy is having allergy problems? I have spent hours on the Internet looking for solutions. He has special food arriving today. It consists of venison, and that's about it. No grains or starches. He's also on lot's of natural stuff to try and help. I truly believe this is a yeast infection. It could have been brought on by the summer heat, but who knows. Murphy is not as misberable over this allergy as I am. So many things it could be.

Okay. Here's wishing you the best on this Wednesday. Take care.

Over and Out!

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