I AM BACK!!!!!

HEY! Finally!

I have had such a terrible time with Windows. For over a week, I have slaved everyday, trying to fix the problem. What was the problem, well, last Thursday morning, I took a pic of my coffee mug, using my new cam. The pic was snapped; the desktop screen froze, the deadly blue screen appeared and the computer rebooted. I could not reach windows.

I was pulling my hair out. Truly, a bad feeling. I hunted and hunted for ways to solve the problem. Thank goodness for my ipad. Nothing worked! Ever!

Then, I ran across the operating systems designed by Linux. Maybe I could get one of those to load. And here I am! And you know what? I might be saying goodbye to Windows forever. In all my searches, I ran across a statement from Dell, saying that my new fancy PC may not be very compatible with the new Windows 10. REALLY?

Allright, children. This is the first stop I have made. Let me check this new system out. I have it runnning off a usb for the moment.

Take care. Have a great rest of your Saturday.

Over and Out!

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