Good Saturday morning, folks! This pic of Murphy was taken at the top of the stairs leading to my office, which is on the left, facing the lake. To the right, is our attic room, as we call it.

Well, as usual, we will be experiencing another hot day. I am hoping to walk the dogs around 9:00 AM, when Richard has returned from enjoying breakfast with the lads. I decided not to walk Mag and Murph yesterday morning because Richard was not at home. Murphy still gets upset when I leave the house with Maggie. He will always seeks out Rich for comfort.

Jessie and I had a good visit with the doctor. I'll get a bloodwork report on Monday. Hoping all is well.

So, have a wonderful day! Stay cool! Do a kindness for someone. Take care.

Over and Out!

PS: A new form of the dog flu has hit here in North Carolina. As of today, there is no vaccine for it. Until there is, the vet has advised me to keep our canine buddies at home. This flu is terrible, life- threating. A case showed up in Winston Salem; that's not too far away. So, no doggy daycare for awhile.

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