To the Vet with an Old Friend

Good Friday morning. Our day is starting out cool, so the dogs and I will be going for our walk soon.

This is a pic of Jessie. Those of you who have kept up with me over the years know all about her. Due to major problems between Jess and our Dixie, who has passed on, Jess went to live with our friends, Don and Joy, about six years ago. At the time, my heart was broken; this little gal was my baby. But she has had a good life just up the road from us.

Now, Jessie is old. I am taking her to see the vet today for her 6 month checkup. I still do that.

I am a bit concerned. Jessie is not eating as well as she has been. This could be her teeth; not sure. But she is seeing a great doctor at the hospital, Dr. Lennox. And it's time for her wellness tests. Hopefully, this is not a serious issue.

All right. Let me get cracking on my day. Have a wonderful Friday.

Over and Out!

One of my favorite pics of a much younger Jess and Dixie. When this was taken, they were the best of friends.

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