Who Needs a Webcam Page Anyway?

Good morning! Our house is cool again. Wonderful! Now, if someone could just turn down the thermostat outside a few degrees, I would greatly appreciate it.

Okay, as for the webcam, I have finally decided it's the software I am using that's freezing up the computer. So, for now, no Webcam page. I may just forget it. At least, for now.

I am having lunch with Joy today at Celtic Fringe. Nice. I had a massage appointment for this afternoon, but Annette had to cancel. I hope she feels better soon.

The canines had grooming sessions with Lisa, the traveling groomer, yesterday. She sat with Murphy and me on the front steps for about 10 minutes to reacquaint him with her. Maggie and Murphy look and smell wonderful.

All right. have a splendid day. Love your animals and people.

Over and Out!

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