Isn't It Time for Autumn?


Seriously, this heat is terrible. I know, I know; I live in the south. What else do I expect for summer weather? Well, I don't expect everyday to produce temperatures into the 90s. I truly don't. Today is no exception. Hot, muggy, and miserable is the forecast. In addition, we may have thunderstorms. Perfect!

I am not walking the dogs today. I'll do some light weight training. They can play inside and in the backyard.

I guess that's it. I seem to be taking a break from editing. I stopped when Murphy arrived, spending hours with him to aid his adjustment to a new life. But now, I do not have an excuse, except it's summer and I am lazy. Fall and winter are the best times for me. I do plan on resuming my task before then. But don't hold me to it. Time will tell.

One last thing. I made a mistake in my post yesterday. I meant to type the word prize, but typed price instead. Hey! It happens. Sorry.

Have a super day. Stay cool! Oh, I see it's raining. Richard is supposed to go fishing with Don. I be they sit in the covered boat and fish from there. What do you reckon?

Over and Out!


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