Death on the Lake


Good morning. Here's wishing you a terrific Monday!

Well, our Maggie killed a young beaver this morning. We feel she was protecting her domain. It was over before we knew what had happened.

Richard let Mag out for her tour of the yard and bathroom duty. She Immediately hightailed it down to the small dock; nothing unusal about that. The next thing we knew, Maggie had something black and furry in her mouth and was slinging it back and forth.

My first thought was that she had a cat. We ran to the door and yelled her name. Mag dropped what she had been holding.

Richard yelled, "She has a beaver," and ran for his gun. I called her to come and Maggie left her prize and came to the house.

Poor little guy; his neck had been broken. He was quite dead. Richard disposed of him out in the woods.

We seldom have the beavers come into our yard. This little fella was taken completely by surprise. I regret it happened. I hope he felt no pain.

I like the beavers, and enjoy watching them travel back and forth with branches for their den, located across the cove. I wish the wee fella had made it back to the safety of the water.

Well, with that, I begin my day. May you have a calm one. Take care.

Over and Out!


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