New Webcam!


Good Saturday morning!

Well, the new webcam is now causing the PC to crash, just like the old one did. So I'll be doing some research to try and find a way to resolve it. Sigh!

On top of that, my dvd burning software wants to stop working right in the middle of burning a movie. Another Sigh!

Moving on, I am leaving home; to walk the dogs, that is. It's overcast right now, and the temperature is at 72. We have not hit the road in 2 days.

We are having dinner with friends at Salvino's this evening. That's always a good deal. I am really looking forward to having good food with good friends. Don is at the beach, fishing, so we are picking up Joy to go with us.

All right. Have a glorious Saturday. Hug your pets and mates and kids.

Over and Out!

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