Hot Diggidy Dog! It's Friday!


Good Friday morning to ya'all! Took this pic with the new webcam. It appears to be working great; displays a really sharp pic. Keeping my fingers crossed. Please check it out on my cam page!

We have the rug cleaners coming this morning. Our rugs are in dire need of being cleaned. This type of cleaning is new to us. It's a type of dry cleaning. Non-toxic. I love that. We can walk on them immediately after they are cleaned. This new method will probably cost a small fortune, but worth it to me.

Yes, I am a broken record about the weather. Same ole, same ole. Hot, Hot, Hot! Not a breeze in sight! The high temperature should reach 91. I'm happy the dogs are able to play inside.

All right. Have a super day! The weekend is almost here. Talk to you again then.

Over and Out!


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