A Quiet Sunday


Good Sunday morning! I am quite late getting up to my office, evident by my holding a cup of water instead of a mug of coffee.

We are having a good time with our company. We enjoyed celebrating the holiday with them yesterday. In the morning, the guys fished, while the dogs and Melanie and I walked. The afternoon was this and that, including lively discussions, reading, napping, and playing with Maggie and Murphy. Murphy has warmed up quite a bit to the Easterlins, but still not sure he wants to be petted. If they were staying another day, I think he'd be ready.

Last evening, Richard grilled steaks. I supplied the baked tators and salad. The meal was nice. Instead of steak, I had a delicious veggie burger on a bun.

All right, as the title says, I am planning on a quiet afternoon. I see watching a couple of movies in my future.

May your day be splendid. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!


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