A Much Cooler Day!


Good Sunday morning! May yours be wonderful!

As the title says, we are having a much cooler day today. The high temperature will only be 82. Great news. I can sit out on the deck. The dogs can enjoy their backyard. Life is good.

I have had a terrific time with my sis. Beth arrived around noon yesterday. We sat in the sunroom most of the afternoon, talking and laughing. Just like always.

At dinnertime, Richard drove us to Celtic Fringe. Beth had never been. The food and fellowship was grand.

Murphy is taking his own sweet time warming up to Beth. I am disappointed somewhat. I truly thought they would be friends by now. Sis is most understanding.

Beth will be heading home this afternoon. I hope she will come to visit another weekend soon.

All right. That is all. Take care.

Over and Out!


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