Rainy and Cooler!


Good Saturday morning to ya! May yours be grand!

It's going to be a lot cooler today; the high temperature being in the low 80s. But we expect to see thunderstorms, beginning this morning. So we'll be inside once again.

This pic was taken by our friend, Debbie, at the B&B where we stayed while we were in Savannah this week. This is the living room. We were waiting on a taxi to take us to dinner. Richard is not wearing a baseball cap for once.

My sis, Beth, is coming to visit and spend the night. She will be driving from Charlotte. I hope she doesn't encounter too much rain. I'll worry until she arrives. Drive safe, Sister!

All right. That's it. Again, have a wonderful Saturday. Take care.

Over and Out!

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Beth and Dixie

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