Back and Happy!


Good Friday morning! We arrived back in home yesterday afternoon, picking up the dogs on the way. All four of us were happy to return to our little piece of paradise.

Richard and I had a really nice time with our friend, Debbie, in Savannah. We liked staying at the Bed and Breakfast too.

While Deb was working Wednesday morning, Rich and I walked to The Johnny Mercer house for a tour. Perhaps you remember Mercer as the famous song writer of old. The house is also famous for being owned by Jim Williams, a well-knowned decorator, who starred in the book, Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. Williams killed his lover in that house and was tried four times before being aquitted, only to expire a few months later. Clint Eastwood make a movie about it, which we watched again last week.

We had some wonderful meals, dining at one of our favorite spots, Alligator Soul.

Okay, again, nice to be back home. The heat here is the same as Savannah. I'm staying in. Enjoy your day. Take care.

Over and Out!


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