The Arrival of Murphy!

first morn with Murphy_edited.JPG

Good Saturday morning. Meet Murphy. We adopted him yesterday from an animal rescue organization. I found him online. Murphy is one and 1/2 years old. He was found as a stray with two other siblings. The girls were adopted right away, but Murphy had some issues with trust. He was most likely mistreated. He needed a fenced in yard and a loving family without any kids. We were told that this wee man had received many inquiries but none had met his needs.

Murphy is doing great with us. We go slow with him. He has bonded completely with Maggie and me. Today Richard will spend quiet time with him and gain his trust.

Maggie is in love with our newest member. I have to put him in his kennel at times just to keep her from bothering him.

Welcome, young man! We love you tons already.

Have a great Saturday. Over and Out!


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