A Failure to Communicate!


Good morning, Boys and Girls! May your Wednesday be a lovely one.

Our guests left this morning, early. They will travel to New Jersey, where they have family. Bill and Nancy plan on getting there intime to watch their grandson compete in track.

Now, here's where my title comes into play. Last week, I asked Richard when and how long our friends were staying. His answer was a couple of days. That meant to me we would have Bill and Nancy Monday and Tuesday. At the time, I explained to Rich that I had a full day on Wednesday. If our buddies were planning to be here, I needed to make some phone calls and cancell some appointments. His reply was, NO, no need. So I did not.

As you have figured out, I discovered last night the real story. Bill had asked Richard about staying through today, which was fine. Only, Richard NEVER informed me.

I had to explain about my being in Greensboro today. I honestly think Nancy was glad to escape; she truly wants to be there for her grandson.

So why do I feel so bad? Richard told me that he felt I had kind of run our friends off, hence the title to this tale of woe.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!


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