Out and About Today!


Good Wednesday. It's going to be busy around here. I am leaving early to take Maggie to doggy daycare. Then, I'll return and we'll wait for the bug guy to arrive. He should be here around 11:00 AM. While he debugs the yard and our home, Richard and I are taking to the road and going to my hometown of Saxapahaw. We are changing the spray on the family tombstone. Just in time for Mother's Day. This wee flower I am holding was from the first spray my dad placed there after Mom passed away. I have always thought it the prettiest. I pulled this flower from the arrangement and have had it every since, sitting in a small glass bowl here on my desk. Truly, I am a sentimental fool.

After we leave the cemetary, Rich and I will find a place to have lunch. Afterward, we'll go pick up Maggie, and return home.

I hope you have s nice, bug-free day. Take care.

Over and Out!


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