Like the Photo Says...

Good morning. I am late, late, late, getting up here to my office. Like the shirt says, I only feel half full. Really draggy this morning. My mind is mush; I have proved that numberous times already.

Today is not going to be productive, I can see that. I have no idea why I am so sluggish.

We had a wonderful time yesterday. Guys and Dolls was terrific! We saw the final performance. Loved it! Richard and I had a greatl time with our friends; there were six of us.

We arrived home at seven PM. I was worried about Maggie being alone for so long, but she seemed none the worst for wear.

Last night, I slept like a log, so why so tired? Too much fun yesterday? No.

At any rate, today will be as easy on me as I can make it. May your Monday be good. Take care.

Over and Out!

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