More Cleaning and a Walk with Maggie!


Good Thursday morning! We are having a nice sunny one here by the lake. I am still waiting for the scenery to take on its springlike appearance. I look out my window to nothing but drabness.

Maggie had a great time at doggy daycare yesterday, as you can see.


This afternoon, she and I will go for our walk. The high temperature should reach 69. Love it!

I am still working on cleaning out my office. Yesterday was a bust. I started on my file drawer. When I came to the one that holds memories: cards, letters, etc.., I stalled. I took my time, looking and reading each item. I had a lot of cards from Dad, addressed to me or Richard. Dad wrote funny messages. He has been gone since 2011. I'm glad I took the time to enjoy his writings again.

All right. Have a super day. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!


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