Looking for a lazy Sunday!


Good Sunday morning, one and all! As the title says, I am anticipating a quiet day. Although I had a great night's sleep, I feel a tad sluggish. The old brain is somewhat foggy. I hope I'm not coming down with something.

We watched the last Hobbit movie last evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Richard and I do not go to the movie theaters. We prefer to wait and watch our choices on our HD tv, in the privacy of our living room, along with Maggie. We gave The Battle of the Five Armies three out of four thumbs up.

Richard sent me an email yesterday that included a photo of our old Dixie; she has been gone a year and a half now. We still miss her terribly. The pic was taken around two years ago. Richard had taken this little guy and his mom fishing. I just thought I'd include it.

Have a lovely day. Get some rest. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!

Dixie on stringer.jpg

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