Hump Day!


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Good morning, ya'll! May you have a terrific Wednesday.

We have had two Canadian geese on the lake for the past week or so. They have been looking for a safe place to nest. I think they are the same two who come every spring. They always want to build on the bank of our yard. When we had Dixie, she joyed in chasing them away. I even have a short video of her doing just that. Now, Maggie has taken up the task.

Yesterday, only one was on the water, looking lost and forlorn. I am not a Canadian geese lover, but my heart went out to this bird. They mate for life.

When Maggie and I returned from walking yesterday, the goose was swimming around in the small pond to the right of the lake. So far, this morning, I have not seen it.

All right. Time to get to work. May your day be a most pleasant one. Hug your mate!

Over and Out!


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