Here Comes Monday!


Good Monday morning to ya! It looks like we will have nice weather today; I see a walk with Maggie on the rise. Now that my back is much improved, I am ready to move.

Richard is better but still in need of the chiropractor. He will be trekking into the city this morning for therapy and an adjustment. Bless him.

You may have noticed that I have a new webcam. Before I bought it, I could only use the one built into my bigboy computer. When I turned it on, all you could see was me, sitting here at my desk. Now, I can move the cam all around. I can aim it at the lake and backyard, or all around my office. You can see what's going on from my Live Cam page. Check it out.

All right. Let's get to work. Have a wonderful day. See you tomorrow.

Over and Out!


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